When working on a complex project with many collaborators I’ve found it is vital to promptly identify areas of the project that will require a more intricate solution. Whether it be a large business-related hurdle or a smaller technical one, I gather my resources and execute a solution swiftly.

  • I am able to discover roadblocks - By knowing every detail of the scope and objectives of the project. Once my team and I map out the strategy and have an end-to-end plan, roadblocks become clear. For example, unavailable resources, third party technology required, other team deadlines or even personal roadblocks like who is passionate about the project and who isn’t.

  • I can effectively identify complex project areas - By working closely with my team and encouraging open lines of communication. Initially I meet with the team and encourage everyone to voice elements of the project they think will be challenging or complex. Once issues are highlighted I will schedule a problem solving session, so that I know what is required.

  • I problem solve areas of complexity - by always consulting the team, encouraging collaboration and reassessing strategy when necessary. Once the most effective solution is decided upon, I make it happen within scope and with the resources available.
These skills result in projects delivered efficiently without railroading scope or timeline.

Project Case Study

Project - Talk n Walk was a mobile app project for Nature Play WA. Research shows that at around age 11 girls experience a dramatic drop off in their physical activity levels. We worked closely with the Nature Play team to understand and strategise the potential for technology to help bridge the gap and facilitate a positive approach to an active lifestyle.

Product Management Challenge - Our developers were achieving great success with the iOS version of the app, however, were running into many technical issues with Android. It lead to a rebuild and implementation of Android specific solutions. This roadblock came with project timeline delays and increased stress and pressure on the team.

Identify roadblocks and define the best way forward - The project timeline included a soft launch with users at three different schools. When the Andriod issues started to be reported at our WIP meetings we first agreed to try troubleshooting and applying quick fixes.

After our second week of unsuccessful fix attempts, I took into consideration the users who were participating in the soft launch, 90% of them were using iOS, so I made the call to pause all development on Android so it wouldn’t sabotage the iOS project timeline. We successfully launched iOS on schedule and then pooled all resources to rebuild the Android version of the app, launching Android two weeks later.

Throughout the project I made sure there was a high level of transparent communication with the client and they were very happy with the two phase strategy we implemented.

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