Guiding my team to the level of detail where goals are achieved, stakeholders are happy and the project runs efficiently, is one of my most valuable skills. I strive to strike a balance between seeing the bigger picture and finessing the finer details.

  • High-quality standards - I hold myself to a high standard and am confident that any product or project that goes out in the world hits all the project objectives and follows the strategy. I encourage this from my team and lead by example. Discovering bugs / errors in the finished product is where I usually find room for improvement.
  • Thorough planning - Particularly in the planning stages, I am intensely organized. My team needs to follow the same logical plan and have everything they need. This involves constant reviewing of the process and strategy with regular check-ins and adjustments.
  • Creating an environment to perform - Every person works differently. Getting to know my colleagues on an individual level means knowing what motivates them and what they need to perform at their best. A developer I currently work with needs a face-to-face brief, a detailed Asana list with screenshots and a timeframe. When he is given these tools, he works at twice the speed compared to working from an email task list. He can then do his job, providing a more sophisticated and complete solution. We’ll then celebrate with a fun interaction on slack (of course emoji’s required).
This level of detail, takes my performance, and team results to efficient completion and a higher level of excellence.

Project Case Study

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Project - The National Breast Cancer Foundation is Australia’s leading national fundraising body, supporting world-class breast cancer research. Humaan was required to create a sophisticated fundraising platform that clearly promoted the Foundation and communicated their research and fundraising goals.

Project Management Challenge - We needed to create a highly customizable modular website accommodating 13 different brand design elements, 5 brand colours, and many more moving parts.

Detailed documentation - Each page had an unprecedented number custom modules, so to make sure the team had a clear understanding of what was required for each page, I produced detailed documentation (which ended up being called “The Bible”). This document detailed what needed to be editable, all additional notes and the position of each design element.

“The Bible” was passed back and forth amongst the team, even when I was not available and they said it was like I was still in the office.

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